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Visualize Your Career Options

We're here to help you visualize the costs and benefits of college degrees. With our tools, see what your lifetime income looks like with, and without, college degrees that you're interested in. 

"Easy! Put the college cost dilemma into perspective. I know that getting the JD is a worthwhile investment"

~ Casey, law school student, Philadelphia

"I'm older than most college students. Great tool to help me consider whether I should go back to school."

~ Nadia, prospective teacher, Dallas

Total US student loan debt.

Average student loan debt

Average monthly student loan payment

The Benefits of College

College is a stepping stone to achieving success. From medicine to the arts, being a college graduate means you've made yourself more competitive.


Average lifetime earnings are almost 3x for professional school graduates, and studies show that those with graduate degrees earn on average $1.4 million more in median life earnings than high school graduates.

And the Costs

A college degree is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. With any investment, you must understand what you are paying into it, and receiving from it. Knowing this gives you a true sense of what impact this investment makes on your personal and professional life, from today until the day you retire.

See some stats on the realities of college finances.​

Compare your Paths

Smarter Graduate was built to help you compare career paths, the costs of college degrees, and what the lifelong impact is to you. We'll help you visualize your costs, income potential, and student loan impact before making such a big decision.


We appreciate you for using Smarter Graduate, and we hope you feel more empowered about your career choices after viewing your analysis. 

Simple Design

The Smarter Graduate analysis tool couldn't be easier to use. Give us your inputs and view your analysis right away. 

Email the analysis to yourself, and consider different career choices/paths to see how they compare.

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